Research & Developement

From sketching silhouettes, gathering inspiration, choosing fabric for each season, creating extensive design packages with spec measurements included, conducting fittings, and wash direction, research and development is the main strength and core competency which makes Denim Clothing Company stand out among the rest.

Research and Innovation Lab

We are responding to emerging trends in the industry with its state of the art technology which meets creativity and innovation in our research labs under the supervision of team who is skilled in denim and style both. A team with over 20 years of experience is dedicated to providing services from style research to product growth.

Visionary Think-Tank

This is a special team dedicated to support emerging brands interested in integrating denim into their collections.

Product Growth

Product growth at Denim Clothing Company embodies the influx of ideas and stimulations that shape denim culture and our philosophy of creating versatile and affordable denim for both men and women. Our product growth department teams up with clients to ensure that the development is in line with current collection requirements.

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Charlotte Cavendish

Digital Marketing Manager

Style Prediction and Evaluation

With an expert design team on a constant pursuit of trends and innovation, we also obtain data from close contacts and collaborations with trend watchers based in Europe, UK and USA. New information is collected while visiting fashion and trade shows, worldwide shopping research and keeping up with social media. The data is filtered, organized and interpreted into new product ideas. These new designs are then discussed with the team of experts in order to create practical products, personalized for specific customers.

High-Tech Wash Concepts

Continuously developing seasonal wash concepts that embody the overall desired appearance, color loss, hand feel, and point of view of the entire collection. Experiments with different dry process techniques like whiskers, crunching, stoning, tie & dye, bleach to achieve aesthetics and comfort that speaks to the mass market.