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DCC Believes In Fashion, Innovation & Sustainability

We are vertical denim manufacturing company with a strong focus on quality & commitment towards environment.

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From innovative washes, to creative direction and all the way to designer support, there are sets of expertise we offer beyond the primary material, and help it bringit to life

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Research &

The main strength and core competency which makes Denim Clothing Company stand out among the rest.

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Our sustainability vision based on four fundamental pillars i.e. Our Planet, Our Product, Our Processes and Our People

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Your partnership with Denim Clothing Company is independently verified.

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Hantex Fabric Mill

Hantex has acquired and installed a new, state-of-the-art italian plant for rope dyeing and looptex from htp unitex. the step has ensured provision of various ranges of colours. both plants are nowfully integrated, with automated and computerized system, to maintain consistency at each step of the dyeing process.