Green Future

Sustainable world - better tomorrow

At Denim Clothing Company, we believe in conducting our business operations without compromising on natural resources. We are committed to drive change and prosper, while leaving a humble footprint on Earth for the generations to come. We speak the language of nature and have been using eco-friendly techniques and methods for the development to finishing procedures.

Why Sustainability?

Our Commitments for Sustainability
  • Support environment conservation
  • Reduce water and energy consumption across all operations
  • Prefer product purchase from sources that carryout best sustainability practices
  • Purchase equipment that help in better sustainability
  • Sustained improvement in operations to ensure measurable savings


B C I - P C W - O R G A N I C

Conventional Wash

Denim Clothing Company

  • Dry Process
    Labour intense process
  • PP Spray
    Hazardous Chemicals
  • Wet Process
    Plenty of hazardous chemical
    require to create different finishes
  • Water Usage
    Large utilization of water
  • Energy Consumption
    CO2 emissions
  • EIM Score
  • Dry Process
    Fully Automated twin
    laser by jeanologia
  • PP Spray
    Laser Technology also
    eliminates PP Spray
  • Wet Process
    Reduces 30-50% usage of various chemicals
  • Water Usage
    70-90% Less Water consumption
  • Energy Consumption
    35% Less CO2 emissions
  • EIM Score
    <=33 / <= 60

Sustainable Operations

Waste Water Treatment Plant

One of the biggest dangers to marine life is the huge volumes of waste water continuously drained directly into rivers, streams and the ocean itself. The principle objective of industrial waste water treatment plants is to allow liquid waste discharge to be disposed of without damage to human health and to the environment. This is where Denim Clothing Company steps up. To produce one pair of jeans, the industry typically consumes thousands of gallons of water across processes to finally achieve the desired wash level.

DCC has taken on the initiative to have: Zero harmful discharge of water and hazardous chemicals Reducing its overall water consumption Invested in waste water treatment plants and Recycling plants designed for reuse of waste water in the manufacturing process and utility departments To achieve the British Standard Guidelines, ZDHC and European Standard parameters for water discharge into the sea

Denim Clothing Company have a long term goal is to recycle 70%.

Strategic Sustainable Projects

Inditex group - Sustainable Projects
RTM - Ready to manufacture GTW - Green to wear Care for water
CTW - Clear to wear Care for planet Care for fiber


Sustainable washing processes including:
Green chemistry - engineering focused on the design of product and processes that minimize or eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances. Green chemistry is focused on the environmental impact of chemistry including technological approaches for preventing pollution and reducing consumption of none renewable resources.

Energy Saving, low impact conscious washes & reduced labor impact on production processes.


To ensure effective use of resources, we have engaged WWF-Pakistan to improve resource efficiency through various energy improvement programs. These projects will focus upon an overall improvement in our resource utilization and production practices leading to sustainability, with a particular focus on water use and energy management in the production facility along with addressing other relevant environmental issues such

We at Denim Clothing Company, always endeavor for sustainable growth and plan our efforts subsequently. Following our vision, we have strived for sustainable augmentation of HIGG Score and have planned to raise our combined score (Social & Environment) up to 70% by 2020. We aim to achieve this milestone through refining our focus towards Energy Conservation, Water Management, Waste Management, Chemical Management, Worker Involvement, Worker Treatment, Transparency and Value Chain Performance.